Appointment & Cancellations

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  A valid credit card is required at the time of booking to secure your appointment.  

Late Cancellations will be subject to 50% of the service fee. No-shows will be subject to a fee of 100% of the service. 

If you're late to your appointment please give us a call, if you are more than 15 min late it will cut into your service time and will need to reschedule

in which a 50% Service fee will have to be applied.

If you hold a voucher of any kind it will be redeemed if Cancelling late, No Showed or you arrive more than 15 min late to the appointment. No exceptions.

All Booking will not be charged until the service is completed.  

Lash Extension Full Set


One Extension to One Natural Lash

Enhance Your Natural Lashes


Russian Volume

Exclusive Volume Lashes Only. 3D–6D


to 1 Natural Lashes. Fluffy and 

feathering effect.   


Master Full Set Price

Any Lashes Set with our Master Lily

Will have an additional amount added.

Add $40


Mixture of Classic and Volume AKA 

hybrid Set. 1 to 3D apply to 1 Natural 

Lash to Define Your Lash Look


Mega Volume

10D–30D Extension to One Natural 

Lash Dramatic and Bold Lash  


Hollywood Style! 


Master Infill Price

Any Lash Fills with Master Lily will be 

charged additional amount. 

Add $10 

What We Offer

*New clients- To ensure you have the best experience at First Lash, please call us to schedule your first appointment.
*Consultation is required for clients coming from other spas.  

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*A new set is required after 5 weeks for best retention purpose.

Lash Extension Infill


45 Minutes Fills 



75 Minutes Fills



90 Minutes Fills 


*We take clients from other salons, refills are an additional $40 to our services*

Note: If you go over 4-5 weeks without a fill you might need a Full Set. Please give us a

call if you're unsure of which Fill to book!


60 Minutes 3D- 6D Fills 



85 Minutes 3D- 6D Fills



105 Minutes 3D-6D Fills 


Mega Volume 

60 Minutes 7D-30D 


Mega Volume 

105 Minutes 3D-6D Fills 



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Permanent Makeup

Microblading with Lily

Create a Natural Hair effect with 

individual hair strokes. 

*Vouchers are not accepted with Master Artist Lily*


Microblading and Shading 

with Lily 

Create a sharper combining of 

microblade and shading.  Look With 

More Defined color. 

*Vouchers are not accepted with Master Artist Lily*



Microblading with Artist

Create a Natural Hair Look. 

*Book if No previous permanent make-up has been 

done such as: 



Microblading and Shading

with Artist

Create a Natural Hair Look with addition of Shading in between.

*Book if No previous permanent make-up has been

done such as: 



Vouchers are not accepted for the Master Artist Lily

There will be a price difference if booking with Lily

If you have previous permanent Make-Up don such as: Tattoo, Microblading,Powder Brows the voucher with our Artist Rita is not accepted as mentioned on their website.

Powder Brows with Lily

A bold unique make up effect. 

*Vouchers are not accepted with Master Artist Lily*


Fairy Lips

Create a natural or solid Lip color to

enhance the lips shape. Comes with 1

complimentary 8 week follow up.

*Please note if lips are darker more than one visit will be required for color to be added. 




Create a Sharp or Ombre permanent

eyeliner. Color your choice.  


Eyebrow Perfection

 4 weeks up Until 2 months from initial 


This appointment is for clients who've have 

had Microblading, Microblading and Shading, Powderbrows that would like adjustments to their eyebrows.  Anything past the 2 months would be considered "Yearly Touch Up"


Other Upgrade Services

Lash Lift

Instant Lift of Your Existing Lashes

Add Definition and Seal With Lash 

Treatment Serum


Color Lashes

Add Colored Lashes to Your Existing 



Henna Brows

Natural Dye Made of Henna

Tint Beneath Brow Hairs


Lash Lift and Tint

Darken up Your Natural Lashes With

 Natural Henna Powder After the Lift


Bottom Lash

Extend Your Bottom Lashes for a 


Makeup Look


Yearly Touch Up

Must  have 50% Color retention


Powder Brows Touch up

Must have 50% Color retention 


Fairy Lips Touch up 

Refreshing color. Must retain 50% Color 



Eyeliner Touch up

Must have 50% Color retention 




Using Soft/Hard Wax

Tweezed to Perfect the Look



Using Soft/Hard Wax



Using Soft/Hard Wax


Removal Services

Lash Removal - Clients From 

Another Spa

Removal With No Service


Lash Removal- First Lash Clients


Tattoo Removal (Salon 


1 Removal Session 


Tattoo Removal

3 Sessions


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